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For a PRINTED map stop by Grocery Outlet! Find all the Reindeer on the Reindeer Trail for prizes!

Reindeer Trail (3)

Follow the reindeer trail and find all the reindeer throughout Seaside!


Santa’s Reindeer have flown into Seaside this Holiday season, and they have left a “Reindeer Trail” of clues to find them all! Find Rudolph at Grocery Outlet to begin the search for all the Reindeer scattered throughout BUSINESSES in Seaside! If you complete the Reindeer Trail, return your guidebook back to Grocery Outlet for some FUN prizes for kids!

Can't find all the Reindeer? Pick up a guidebook from Grocery Outlet for help!

Anna: Your Store (MaryAnna's)
Voyager: Hillcrest Inn
Rocit: Ticor Title
Taffy: Phillip's Candies
Aqua: Sunset Empire Parks & Rec
Ava: Avamere at Seaside
Growler: The Whet Spot
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