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    The Vineside, LLC



    About Us

    When you grow up in Southern California — you grow up knowing wine.

    Before you know it, you realize that wine is more than just a well-crafted beverage— it’s an opportunity for community, family, and friends to gather around the table and vibe.

    That’s how The Vineside was born.

    The Mother/Daughter team, comprised of Delaree, Autumn, and Carissa, spent years learning from the experts and exploring the Vineyards of Temecula, Paso Robles, and Sonoma. The vision of a small wine bar designed to give guests a no-nonsense wine experience became a dream they wanted to achieve. A place that captured the sense of adventure, discovery, and togetherness that their love of wine always inspired in them.

    After years spent dreaming about the perfect spot, inspired by small bites from Spain to France, Vineyards all across the world, and one big move to Oregon — the dream finally became a reality.

    The Vineside is a celebration of wine, family, and good vibes. We hope you enjoy your time with us as much as we’ve enjoyed creating this space for you.


    • International Wines
    • Wine Tastings
    • Small Bites
    • Wine Education
    • Events


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